Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Red Earth, Blue Skies and Anangu Smiles
November 2021

A Series of Yellow Thoughts
October 2021

Medium Grey
September 2021

Seeking the Sublime
August 2021

House Party
July 2021

June 2021

Ghostly Others
May 2021

You Look Great
April 2021

The Burning of Vision
March 2021

The Difference Between Things
February 2021

Flat Out Like a Lizard Thinking
January 2021

Keeping the Lights On 2020
December 2020

Little Oceans
November 2020

Fragile Bodies
October 2020

The Tears of Everything
September 2020

The Uncertainty of Knowing
August 2020

Keeping the Lights On: Friends Edition
June 2020

Keeping the Lights On: At Home Edition
May 2020

No Fear of Falling
Felicity Townsend
March 2020

Gin States and Desires
Alex Mullen
Feburary 2020

Music in Motion
Annelise Forster
January 2020

Keeping the Lights On

Jasmine Crisp
November 2019

Sleeper Cells
Cheryl Hutchens
October 2019

Beyond The Fragility of Doubt
Sophie Corso
September 2019

Material Connections
Sam Gold and Harriet McKay, curated by Steph Cibich
August 2019

Soft Squares
Lucia Dohrmann, Nicole Clift
July 2019

What’s Wrong Western Woman?
Zoё Brooks
June 2019

Torment of Life, Paradise of Hell
Joseph Haxan
May 2019

Body Writing
Brianna Speight
April 2019

Georgie Maddox
March 2019

Arlon Hall
Febuary 2019

Searching for the New Moon
Annelise Forster, Calum Hurley, Barry Magazinovic
January 2019

Keeping the Lights On
Floating Goose Fundraiser Exhibition
December 2018

Bernadette Klavins
November 2018

Jessica Green
October 2018

People Machine
Nicholas Hanisch
September 2018

Night Euphoric
Rosina Possingham, George Graetz
August 2018

Since 1989
Carly Snoswell
July 2018

Deep Focus
Pat Cassar
June 2018

Leeward Bride
Edwina Cooper, Christina Peak
May 2018

Within Tolerances
James Holdsworth
April 2018

If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful
Kate Kurucz
March 2018

These Four Walls
Jess Mara
February 2018

Inner Senses
Emilija Kasumovic
January 2018

Keeping The Lights On
Floating Goose Studios
December 2017

Tracing Spaces
Sam Trevaskis, Tom Maguire, Hermione Twycross
November 2017

Reset and Resist
Melanie Cooper
October 2017

Timmi Tsapaliaris
September 2017

Soft Bindings
Saskia Scott, Lucia Dohrmann, Thomas Pearson, Sophia Nuske, Julie Strawinski
August 2017

A Shifting Stillness
Alice Blanch
July 2017

Kaspar Schmidt Mumm
June 2017

Home Alone: Solitary Pleasures
Neville Cichon, Anna Horne, Ida Lawrence, Joanne Makas, Lauren May, Catherine Polcz, Flore Sivell, Mel Jane Wilson
May 2017

Dwelling Shells
Johnathan George
April 2017

Implausible Realities
Jamie Willis
March 2017

Sophie Green
February 2017

Waiting for Bricks
Gabrielle Cirocco
January 2017

Face Off
Luke Thurgate
November 2016

Jessie Green, Janis Clarke, Christine Coleman
October 2016

Snow Dome
Sarah Moller, Chris Thiel
September 2016

Six Contemporary Painters
Aida Azin, Ellie Kammer, Ellie Noir, Harry Thring, Glenn Kestell, Kate Kurucz
August 2016

Chasing My Tail: Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence
Michael Shaefer
July 2016

Ode to the Fisherman
Jane Skeer
June 2016

That Place I Used To Know
Jessica Nolan
February 2016

Child’s Play
Jess Taylor
February 2016

One Firm Bed
Anya Swan, Caity Reynolds
January 2016

Open Inspection
Aida Azin & Gabriel Cole, Henry Stentiford, Bonnie Lawson, Claude Creighton
October 2015

The 8th Fold
Johnathan George, Nicholas Hanisch, Pedro Shi, Alison Thomas
October 2015

Endless Forms
Ashleigh Thompson, Irene Kontakos, Jasmine Ann Dixon
September 2015

Occasional Purpose
Floating Goose Studios
August 2015

Brain Milk
Bronte Stolz
July 2015

Verge of Nice
Ruth Wilson
May 2015

Unreal Estate
Gabrielle Cirocco, Leah Craig, Bernadette Klavins, Jamie Willis
April 2015

The Salon Hang
Floating Goose Studios
February 2015

Will Morgan, Glen Kestell, Seiri Kitchener
January 2015

Out of Order
Pat Cassar, Jasmine Crisp, Francesca Narni
December 2014

VERISIMILITUDE (ver-i-sim-i-lar-dude)
Andrew Clarke, Alex Mullen, Christopher Carapetis, Ruth Wilson
October 2014

One Hundred Extra Lives
Nicholas Hanisch, Bonnie Lawson, Madeline Stentiford
September 2014

Floating Goose Grand Opening
Christopher Carapetis, Pat Cassar, Gabrielle Cirocco, Andrew Clarke, Leah Craig, Nicholas Hanisch, Bernadette Klavins, Irene Kontakos, Bonnie Lawson, Hugh Maher, Will Morgan, Alex Mullen, Ruth Wilson