Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Home Alone: Solitary Pleasures
7 – 30 April 2017

Home Alone: Solitary Pleasures explores everyday individual domestic life as a key space of contemporary art in terms of experience, materials and conceptual reflection. It does so by enlarging aesthetically on the familiar and homely objects of the everyday, and their use in daily rituals around upkeep of the body and the home.

Curated by Georgina Downey.

Neville Cichon (SA)
Anna Horne (SA)
Ida Lawrence (NSW)
Joanne Makas (NSW)
Lauren May (VIC)
Catherine Polcz, (NSW)
Flore Sivell, (FRA)
Mel Jane Wilson, (VIC)

Opens April 7 6-9pm
Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.