Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Bronte Stolz, “Brain Milk”
3 – 26 July 2015

“Through my work I want to express the hope, despair, worth, futility and overall wonder of this strange situation we have all come to know, and some to love, as existence. I want to make people ponder humanity, their minds, their perception of life in general. I hope to show others how I view this experience of living, the mechanics of being and the marvelous ride of our minds through this wild ole existence. All aboard comrades.” Bronte Stolz

Brain Milk is a solo exhibition featuring the work of Bronte Stolz.

Stolz is influenced by struggle – by trees reaching for the sun, by the forceful drives of humans and all life for that matter, by the unending conflict between the conscious and unconscious minds.

Opening 3rd July 6:00 – 9:00pm

Sponsored by:

Hesketh Wines
St. John’s Road Barossa
WD Wines
Parker Coonawarra Estate