Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Henry Stentiford, Bonnie Lawson, Claude Creighton, Aida Aizn, Gabriel Cole, “Open Inspection”
30 October 2015

Open Inspection is a group exhibition featuring works of emerging artists Henry Stentiford, Bonnie Lawson, Claude Creighton, Aida Aizn & Gabriel Cole.

Henry Stentiford’s work aims to act like a carnival hall of mirrors, funny, skewed and often unflattering, yet all the while honest in its reflection. This body of work explores the relationship between the impulsive nature of image making and the also meditated nature of image making. Combining both approaches in the works a harmony and complement is sought between the two.

Bonnie Lawson is an emerging multi-disciplinary South Australian artist. Concerned with the crossover of high and low culture in our internet fuelled age, she is also fascinated with the obsession of the immediate past, and our desperate clinging to nostalgia as we storm faster into an uncertain era.

Claude Creighton is a freelance illustrator/ Zine Producer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her illustrations are inspired by the mundane, the surreal and often hold a comedic twist. This series of illustrational work demonstrates characters, dreamscapes and typography drawn from conversational exchange and experience, combining these elements into a surrealist mash of story book imagery.

Aida Azin and Gabriel Cole collaborate on their series “NIGELLA LAWSON’S BOOK OF CURVE”.The romance of the fruit bowl, with all its wonderful gestures and curves, are explored through a playful experimentation with colour, curve and exaggerated sexuality. The collaboration created an attempt to find a unity between detached shape and line and that of consistent geometry, while infusing the two artists’ styles.

Exhibition Opens: 30th October
Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.