Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Jasmine Ann Dixon, Ashleigh Thompson and Irene Kontakos, “Endless Forms”
28 August – 20 September 2015

Jasmine Ann Dixon:

My collection of drawings is interested in the intimate connection of a gaze and how through our eyes we both perceive and are perceived. Looking into the glittering pupils of another offers us a peek into their world, evoking feelings of vulnerability or intrusion. By depicting my subjects looking out at the audience I hope to create an exchange that will make the viewer feel as though the subject is examining them as much as they are examining the drawings. Encompassing the pastel figures is circle painted in gouache. The pattern and colour of these is my personal interpretation of the individuals, whilst the shape reflects the roundness of the pupils.

Ashleigh Thompson:

I have always been in awe of our planet and the beauty of the natural world it harbours. This body of work represents our close bonds with nature and despite our reliance on it, how quickly we destroy it in an attempt to add colour and value to our lives. The clay has been left relatively raw and simple focusing mainly on form. The smaller figures have an otherworldly quality resembling the human form but devoid of our emotions; in contrast the larger works are explosive with human emotion.

Irene Kontakos:

This body of work depicts the constant struggle between being held captive in a system, and the idea of freedom. In some images there is a desire to extricate the self from the binding material. In others there is a sense of resignation. Wallpaper patterns and string have been used in these works to depict these controlling and restricting agents. I have been inspired by photographer Francesca Woodman and author Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper.

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Ashleigh Thompson
Ceramic, oil paint, 2015