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Jessie Green, Janis Clarke & Kristen Coleman, “TRACE”
14 October – 6 November 2016

Trace is an exhibition by artists Jessie Green, Janis Clarke, and Kristen Coleman that considers the process of vision and the construction of space; it is an enquiry into spatiality and perspective. Central to the works is the classic line of the horizon, a recurring trope explored through painting, light, and video, and is the point from which Trace begins.

Jessie Green’s light installation explores the complexities of perceptual phenomena in relation to depth and motion. Where movement creates subtle tensions and transitions that affect the organisation of material compositions revealing new forms and patterns that unfold through the accidental and innate creativity of systems. Essentially, Green’s work investigates how linear lines of light effect our perception of spatial depth and configuration.

The representational paintings of Janis Clarke involve the re-presenting of images, which for the most part are understood as archetypes of moments, things, or places. Generally painted from the imagination they engage with certain subjects that are familiar to him, referencing somewhere or something that can be commonly experienced temporally, the location is non-specific and is only alluded to generally. Clarke proposes that the role of the imagination in determining “placeness” in even the most austere of representations is crucial.

Kristen Coleman, through a three channel video installation, considers the cinematic landscape in relation to memory and personal experience. Coleman explores the reception and experience of personal affect that is somehow tethered to the cinematic landscape itself. Specifically, the rise of fractured memories, experiences, and perceptions, that go on beneath, beyond, and even parallel to a film’s narrative and how cinema can function as a kind of time travel device where our own individual histories are found within it.

“This”, Janis Clarke, 2016

Opening: 14th October 6-9pm
Guest Speaker: Andrew Dearman
This exhibition is proudly supported by the Adelaide Central School of Art Graduate Support Program
Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.