Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Izabella Shaw and Inneke Taalman, curated by Suzanne Close, “The Uncertainty of Knowing”

7 August – 6 September 2020

“That Uncertainty of Knowing examines how information is constructed in a space of uncertainty, intuition and embodied experiences. The emerging artists Izabella Shaw and Inneke Taalman both embrace the unknown in their practice as a transformative state of discovery. Izabella Shaw finds meaning through the physicality of making, but in doing so, must journey into the unknown. Her practice requires risk as well as serious play and is perhaps why her sculptural work holds a delicate balance between materiality and the intangible poetics of form.
Inneke Taalman’s physical interventions of the gallery space, are far from violent occupations, but instead sensitively observed responses to the physical and psychological site. Taalman disrupts our preconceived perceptions to create a new layered and nuanced understanding of the places we inhabit. The exhibition interrogates how the space acts as a transmitter of knowledge and the role the gallery plays in this cognitive formation. In this time of socio-political uncertainty, art can function as a reminder to think critically about the space we inhabit and consider ways we can find comfort in the unknown.”
Suzanne Close has curated the exhibition as part of the AHCAN & Floating Goose Early Year Curator Program supported by the City of Adelaide.
Suzanne Close is a finalist in the City of Onkaparinga Contemporary Curator Award.
Image: Izabella Shaw, Modified Blow (detail 1), 2020.