Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Cheryl Hutchens, “Sleeper Cells”
4 – 27 October 2019

Opening: 4th October 6pm – 9pm

“Like a sleeper cell, plastics are covertly infiltrating the human body. Micro-particles of plastic are unintentionally entering the food chain, where they can cross the gut barrier and enter body tissues. The artist sees parallels with syphilis in the 18th century, which was viewed as the wages paid for a life of pleasure and decadence. This bacterial infection too was stealthy; it could enter a body unknowingly and cause decades of pain and suffering before eventually killing its victim.

This exhibition considers if clandestine plastic contamination might be the wages of an age of mass consumption with little regard for future outcomes. The plastic detritus of the artists everyday life is cut into sequins and embroidered onto domestic textiles, like plastic particles sneaking into and through the human body. The consequences of our great plastic experiment are as yet unknown.”

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