Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Alex Mullen

4th February 2022

“Bon voyage to the cross maker,
as he boards his flight back home.
His report read ‘misson failed’
and he was hung out to dry, alone.
Yeah, it’s true he was a good bloke
but he’ll be back here no time soon.
He’s in another star system now,
a distant planet, with a different moon…”

Alex Mullen is an Australian artist with a focus on painting. Mullen has practiced and exhibited in London, attended the New York Studio School, taken part in a residency in India and undergone a mentorship with Stewart Macfarlane. Mullen was also the recipient of the Bank SA award for Best Art and Design, for his exhibition “Gin States and Desires’ at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

His recent body of work takes aim at a broad range of themes, from the over fishing of our oceans, to Australian History and even the potential implications of Commander David Faber’s encounter with a UFO. Mullen’s approach to painting remains fun, unaffected and full of humour and wit. This, combined with his strong sense of narrative and unmistakable style, will no doubt result in a compelling body of work.

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