Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Ida Sophia, “Regret”

2 – 29 June 2021

Adelaide artist Ida Sophia engages with the experience of guilt and regret through a 28-day durational performance coming to Floating Goose this June. Ida will perform for 6 hours a day, over 28 consecutive days beginning June 2nd at Floating Goose Studios, 2021.

Please join us for the official opening night at 5pm Friday 4th June!

“I am looking for qualities in my work that facilitate our need for ritual, contemplation and completion. I want to slow down the dilution of ceremony.”

Regret is an act of redemption. The performance confronts Ida’s regret that she was absent from her Fathers’ side in his last month of life. Time spent in the work represents the time Ida regrets not spending with him. Spending it here becomes her redemptive action.
Over the month of June, Ida will observe a monumental installation of flowers decompose. This natural life-to-death process mirrors the effect of the disease on his body that she did not have the courage to face. Regret invites the audience to participate and release their own regrets. Over 1000 weighted pieces of plaster have been cast as small writing tablets. After writing a regret, the participant is invited to attach it to Ida’s clothing. In this act, Ida physically takes on and carries the symbolic weight of Regret(s) for the duration of the performance. Regret will evolve daily as the flowers decompose and participant’s regrets multiply.

Due to the durational nature of the work, Floating Goose will be open daily beyond regular opening hours. This will temporarily reshape how the Adelaide community interacts with Floating Goose Studios.

Important Dates:
Friday 4 June, 5 – 7.30pm – Official opening night
Wed 2 June – Tuesday 29 June, 12 – 6pm – Daily Performance
Tuesday 29 June, 5.30pm – Finissage, final performance action and artist talk with Farrin Foster

Catalogue Essay available here >>