Floating Goose Studios Inc.


Sophie Green, “Nephologies”
January 13 – February 5 2017

nephology |n?’f?l?d?i|

noun [ mass noun ] rare
the study or contemplation of clouds.
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Greek nephos ‘cloud’ + -logy.


Air and water are highly mutable substances, perpetually subject to cyclical change. They are soft and formless, always borrowing the shape of the spaces they inhabit. They can be felt, but not grasped.

Water has the capacity to shift between visible and invisible states. Nephologies traces waters progression from an intangible vapour to a translucent liquid and then back again. Condensed atmospheric vapour is extracted from the airspace by way of a dehumidifier that feeds into a shallow reservoir, a series of ultrasonic mist-makers break up the particles, releasing the water back into the atmosphere.

Air is a highly empathetic form, it has weight, volume and force, but it bends and moulds around concrete matter. In Push and Pull balloons are suspended from triangular frames, the differing weights of the enclosed airspace tilt the frame – an intangible material affects the behaviour of a solid form.

Opens January 13th | 6 – 9pm.

Sophie Green,
20 x 80 x 200cm
Dehumidifier, condensed atmospheric vapour, ultra sonic mist-makers, 2017.

Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.