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Jasmine Crisp

In continuation of ‘HOMEXHABITAT’, Crisp’s first solo show at Floating Goose in Nov 2019, ‘NATUREXNURTURE’ is a response to the effects of home environments on individuals through narrative driven symbolic paintings, found objects and written stories. ‘HOMEXHABITAT’ focused on this theme as inspired by international residencies/travel experiences, ‘NATUREXNURTURE’ instead focuses on the personal experiences of extended time forced in a stationary locations and/or home environments.

Diary entries, events and stories of the artists experience are reimagined into collaged paintings and wall murals that create portals of ‘factual memory’ and ‘feeling memory’ as one. Contrasting elements of warmth, worry, closeness, instability, quiet and reflective thought are investigated through human gesture and imagination.

Artist Bio:

Jasmine Crisp is a painter and muralist born and based in Adelaide, South Australia. Crisps highly detailed narrative paintings experiment with symbolic storytelling using portraiture in combination with objects and environment to form both real and reimagined landscapes of the felt human experience. Her characteristic practice blends traditional painting with modern life influence, often referencing themes from Renaissance and Genre painting periods in correlation with her current personal life experiences. Elements of humour, false heroism and over-characterisation are often highlighted in her aim to add value to the banal whilst redacting the ‘divine’.

After completing her Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) at Adelaide Central School of Art (2017) she has been granted the 12 month Praxis and Carclew artist in residence programs in SA as well as international artist residencies across Iceland (SíM, NES) and Finland (Koli Ryynanen). Crisp’s work is included in the Artbank collection and has been awarded for the main prize of the CCH Art Prize, first prize in the Prospect Portrait Prize and YouthScape Art Prize, achieved multiple peoples choice awards and included as finalists in the SALA Advertiser awards, Emma Hack Art Prize and Kennedy Art Prize.

Exhibition dates: 10th June – 26th June.