Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Annelise Forster, “Music in Motion”

10 Jan – 2 Feb 2020


Music in Motion explores the connection between visual, musical and performative art and the affects they have on people. These art forms can be used both as languages to express thoughts and emotions as well as tools to cause reactions. In this series Annelise Forster has chosen a singular song for each piece, responding to how it makes her feel through movement across the canvases. Through experimentation of process she has found it most authentic when using her own body to form marks, creating a direct link between her reactions to the music, dancing across the surface of the artworks. With a background in dance Forster creates large lively works full of movement. In her practice she puts great focus on colour and texture using to mirror varying emotions and create energetic forms.

Exhibition opening: 10 January 2020 6pm