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Sam Gold and Harriet McKay, curated by Steph Cibich, “Material Connections”

9 August – 1 September 2019


Featuring new work by Adelaide based emerging artists Sam Gold and Harriet McKay, curated by emerging curator Steph Cibich.

“To touch the surface is to stir the depths”- Deane Juhan.

We live in a world troubled by economic uncertainty, xenophobia, mass migration and fake news. Whilst social-media and the internet aim to unite individuals through globalised communities, the consequence of these over-connected platforms leave little room for self-regulation. The unseen tensions of the time in which we live manifest within the body.

The body, which is highly sensitive to touch, pressure and time holds within itself physical memory. Materials too, possess this same physicality and are capable of expressing an unseen energy. Stress, trauma and injury manifest internally and are expressed on the surface of all materials through physical changes. Ironically, release and catharsis are often found through similar processes; contact, movement and patience, both in life and in the artists’ making-process.

In Material Connections, Sam Gold and Harriet McKay respond to these themes, one another’s practice and the collaborative conversations between artists and curator. The resulting exhibition offers a sensitive exploration of human experience through haptic connections, material responses and liminal spaces.

Image: Sam Gold, Untitled, Porcelain, 2019. Photography by Sam Roberts.

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