Floating Goose Studios Inc.


8th December – 31st December

“Keeping the Lights On” is a fundraising exhibition that brings together over 30 local and international artists in support of Floating Goose Studios and to celebrate art in Adelaide. Each of the works are no bigger than 30x30cm and priced at $80 each. This is an excellent opportunity to start or add to your collection while supporting a part of the local art community.

Participating Artists:
Roy Ananda, Ashley Barnard, Alex Beckinsale, Alice Blanche, Alycia Bennett, Patricio Cassar, Andrew Clarke, Gabrielle Cirocco, Jasmine Crisp Melanie Cooper, Carolyn Corletto, Claude Creighton, Janine Dello, Antonia Ditroia, John Geroge, Sophie Green, Nicholas Hanisch, James Holdsworth, Bernadette Klavins, Kate Kurucz, Tom Maguire, Barry Makes Boxes, Monika Morginstern, Alex Mullen, Lisa Nguyen Christina Peek, Madeline Reece, Julia Robinson, Shayne Sawyers, Cynthia Schwertsik, Carly Snoswell, Jane Skeer, Anne Stevens, Inneke Taalman, Cassie Thring, Sarah Tickle, Luke Thurgate, Hermione Twycross, Luke Wilcox, Jamie Willis, Sheree Wright Alaska Young.

Opening night: Friday, 8th of December

Sponsored by Coriole Vineyards
Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.