Floating Goose Studios Inc.


After a successful fundraiser exhibition last month, due to your amazing support, we have managed to keep our gallery space viable. Now it’s time for us to pay it forward! To make the most of our halted exhibition schedule and free gallery space, we have decided to host another *online* fundraiser exhibition.

This one is all for the artists – the Friends Edition of Keeping The Lights On.

With 100% of sales going directly back to the artists. We realise how tough times have been recently for the arts community, and so we are hosting an online exhibition that showcases a wide spread of Adelaide local artists. We’d love to give back and support the local arts community who so often support us in times of need, and hope you will too! So keep an eye on our social media accounts (Instagram: @floatinggoosestudios), sit back and grab a glass of wine, as we walk you through our virtual exhibition of Keeping The Lights On: Friends Edition this Friday night!