Floating Goose Studios Inc.


7th December – 31st December

Keeping the Lights On” is our annual fundraising exhibition that brings together over 30 local and international artists in support of Floating Goose Studios and to celebrate art in Adelaide. Each of the donated artworks are no larger than 30x30cm and priced at $80 each. This is an excellent opportunity to start or add to your collection while supporting a part of the local art community!

Contributing artists:
Aldo Iacobelli, Roy Ananda, Sue Kneebone, Deborah Prior, Dan Withey, Andrew Clarke, Arlon Hall, Ray Harris, Andrew Dearman, Johnnie Dady, Bernadette Klavins, Luke Thurgate, Nicholas Hanisch, Cassie Thring, Patrick Cassar, Melanie Cooper, Alice Blanch, Christina Peek, Calum Hurley, Barry Makes Boxes, Jamie Willis, Jane Skeer, Steel Chronis, Annie Forster, Lisa Nguyen, Jasmine Crisp, Sophie Corso, Rory Richardson, Nicole Clift, Cheryl Hutchens, Rosina Possingham, Lucia Dohrmann, Emilija Kasumovic, Ricardo Gomez, Jim McGivern, Dominique Keeley, Chloe Elektra, Melanie Stefanidis, Jess Mara, Jupe Jaggi, Mei Sheon Wong, Ellie Noir, Alex Beckinsale, Henry Stentiford, Goretti Castle, Sheree Wright, Judith Klavins, Simon de Boer, Sam Trevaskis, Leah Craig

Opening night: Friday, 7th of December

Sponsored by Coriole Vineyards
Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.