Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Iwiṟi Arts
3rd March

After the summer rains is inuntji, typically around January to March when the acacia blossoms bloom.

“Inuntji ngaṟapai puṉu tjuṯangka iṯaṟangka, kurkungka, puntingka munu tjuntaḻangka kuḻu. Aṉangu inmaku pakalpai Inuntjitjara katangka tjunkula”
– Tjulyata Tjilya (Elder and founding member of Iwiṟi)

“You can find Inuntji (flowers) on many trees, the Bloodwood tree (Eucalyptus opaca), Mulga bush (Acacia aneura), Cassia bushes (Senna artemisioides) and Colony wattle (Acacia murrayana). At inuntji time, Aṉangu dance traditional dances (inma) with inuntji on their head.”
– Pitjantjatjara translation by Tjunkaya Ken

As the inuntji is blossoming on the APY Lands, we also celebrate the blossoming of the Iwiṟi art space in our first group exhibition.

Iwiṟi is a member-based Aboriginal Corporation for Aṉangu (Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara people) who live in Adelaide after moving away from their traditional Country on the APY Lands. The name Iwiṟi means ‘root’ and was chosen by Aṉangu members to describe their continuing connection with their communities and culture. The Iwiṟi studio, established in 2021, is a thriving art space where artists preserve, express and perform their ongoing relationship to Tjukurpa (Lore), Walytja (Kin and other relations) and Ngura (Country).

Opening Event: Friday 3rd March, 6-9pm.
Exhibition Dates: 3rd – 26th March 2023.