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Jasmine Crisp, “HOME X HABITAT”
1 – 24 November 2019

Debut solo show by Jasmine Crisp

“Is this my home? Or is it just a habitat?

As a child, I thought everybody in the world (except me) loved ‘the footy’. My teacher at school explained that there were lots of places far away, she called them ‘different countries’. She even confirmed that in some of these places, football didn’t exist.

This revelation of information instigated an ongoing mission to find the ultimate place. After all, If I could move to the place with no AFL I would no longer need to lie, I would belong.

It was fifteen years later, inside an adult body, when I landed at the very site that I had once cut out of a newspaper and stuck on my wardrobe. Although struck by a sense of achievement, excitement, and familiarity, my anticipated feelings of true belonging never followed. The people brushing past wouldn’t know me, Band-Aids were called something different, my wallet held incomplete loyalty cards from a café that didn’t exist, I couldn’t recommend where to get a good sandwich, I didn’t even know what bus to get back. I was a stranger in the place I most wanted to feel identified.

Another four years and many countries later and my unfulfilled, yet evolved mission continues…

Jasmine Crisp’s first solo exhibition ‘HOME X HABITAT’ showcases paintings made during, and in response to her recent travels across Iceland, Finland, England, Scotland and The Faroe Islands inclusive of three artist residencies (at SIM residency – Reykjavík, Iceland, NES residency – Skagaströnd, Iceland, Kolin Ryynänen – Koli, Finland). Her paintings feature selected people encountered throughout her travels and their stories of belonging, making home, identifying with place, family history and the impact of travel (both on self and place).

This project was assisted by the South Australian Government through Carclew, proudly supported by Adelaide Central School of Art Graduate Support Program and assistance from IAF foundation.”

Opening speech by Gabi Lane 6:30 pm

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