Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Deb McKay

“Ease of movement is a luxury of the young that is often taken for granted. It is only with age that I learnt to respect it and understand how fragile it is. This body of work explores the fragility of aging and the way that the forces of time, memory and movement impact upon it.The movement I strive to portray in my work sits in opposition with the process of my body and mind as I grow older. The time involved in making fine, slow work stretches my mind and body, and I am often left contemplating the effects of time and how the clay holds the memory of my body as I push and pull it.This work explores the paradox of a fragile, enduring thing – the body, the natural world, and the materiality of clay itself. I have explored this through a variety of clay forms, which simultaneously hold movement and time, dictated to by the limitations of what my body allows.”

Exhibition dates: 8 April – 1 May