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Georgie Maddox, “Consumerist”
8th – 31st March

We are all consumers, but what do we value? What do we discard How conscious are we of our consumer behaviours and the effects on the environment? On one another? Society speaks of that coffee cup ending up in landfill, or the $2 t-shirt purchased being unable to
sustain the person who made it, yet these abstract concepts in words alone, fail to breach the disconnect we have with the larger consequences of our daily behaviours. Fine art has qualities that are unique when considering the consumer within all of us, it serves a purpose beyond food, shelter or any simple necessity, it speaks to our humanity. Consumerist the exhibition seeks to engage the viewer through fine art in this conversation, both traditionally and interactively. An interactive artwork will be displayed during the exhibition were visitors to the gallery will be invited to cut, rip and reconfigure oil on canvas art pieces. The artist will be hand stitching with linen thread the oil on canvas pieces during the course of the exhibition to create a new aesthetic work.

“I am concerned for the Australian Landscape, as there is a constant battle between development and conservation of our natural land. I am also interested in our current attitudes towards the broader environment, our throw away culture and the effect of consumer trends. I paint abstract oil on canvas landscapes and use the final artwork as a metaphor for these societal issues. Cutting, ripping, tearing and then hand stitching with linen thread various paintings back together, thereby creating a new aesthetic perspective. I frame my works floating under glass, reminiscent of an ancient archaeological artefact, reminding the viewer that once something has been destroyed it can never be fully restored to its original state. I simultaneously destroy what I have created and mend it to create the final artwork. My artworks seek to engage the viewer on individual consumer behaviour, the broader environmental impact and ultimately what we value.”

Georgie Maddox was born in Adelaide in 1981, she holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Psychology, Advance Diploma of Art Therapy and is currently completing her honours year in Psychological Science at Flinders University. Georgie has been a finalist in the prestigious Mosman Art Prize two years running and has exhibited extensively both locally and nationally.

Opening: Friday 8th March 6pm – 9pm.
Opening night wine is provided by Coriole Vineyards.





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