Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Please join us for Billy Oakley’s latest solo exhibition ‘Boys Boys Boys’ on the 23rd of September.

“This work is interested in the socialisation of young boys, the symbols and images of suburban living that manifest themselves in the metaphysical world of our dreaming. We will also be looking at how dreaming and our wakeful lived experiences are intimately linked and how they interact with one another. Mens and the artists own daydreaming and perceptions of what is real and how that influences their negative traits such as apathy, lethargy, and entitlement is at the centre of this work. The space between where we sleep and where dreams begin. The red hot, beating, fleshy, fever dream that is existing.”

Exhibition dates: 23rd September – 16th September 2022

Gallery hours:
Thu 12-4pm
Fri 12-6pm
Sat 12-4pm
Sun 12-4pm