Floating Goose Studios Inc.

Sophie Corso, “Beyond The Fragility of Doubt”

6 – 29 September 2019


“Responding to the nature of walking and noticing the gestures of those around me Beyond The Fragility of Doubt, is a series of metaphysical drawings of sculpture, moving image and poetry.

Every day life influences stumbles, falls, and possibilities that are like marks left on a page. With imprints of memory embedded in mind, stories are being told. The flux of repetition during the past, present or future can move a body and mind in motion, through the fragility of doubt.

Inspired by encounters, dreams and nostalgia from childhood memory, this work offers the viewer a chance to escape into their own personal spaces of body and mind.”

Exhibition opening: 6th September 2019 6pm

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Friday 3-7pm
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