The 8th Fold

2nd October – 25th October.

The 8th Fold is a temptation to challenge the impossible.

Jon George – Pedro Shi – Nicholas Hanisch – Alison Thomas

Unveiling October 2nd at Floating Goose Studios, The 8th Fold is a showcase of four young emerging artists working and living in South Australia. The themes of each artist are varied yet complementary, exploring worlds of beautiful decay through the prisms of politics, nature, neurology and the realms of a dystopian universe.

Jonathan George is an emerging South Australian artist. His practice is informed by our relationships and interactions with the built environment. This body of work employs paper folding for its immediacy to describe and manipulate space. By interrupting symmetrical forms with irregular forms allows the possibility to explore a disruption between order and chaos. The work borrows from a language found in architectural models to discover alternate spatial possibilities.

Nicholas Hanisch is an emerging South Australian whose practice explores imaginary places and dystopian futures. Focusing on drawing and sculpture, his work captures pivotal moments in otherwise unexplained fictional worlds. These drawings represent impossible architectures, built to withstand and preserve their habitations against their hostile environments.

Pedro Shi is an emerging South Australian artist originally from China. He confronts a variety of social and political issues head on in his work. He believes art and the internet have the power to deconstruct the arrogance and authority of dictatorship as the building block of individual awakening and free independence.

Alison Thomas is an emerging sculpture and digital artist whose practice is informed by mathematics and design. Thematically she is interested in explanatory systems and symbolism that humans use to understand and construct the world around them. In The 8th Fold, Alison is interested in exploring sculptural abstractions of her daily thoughts, battling between her systematic yet chaotic approach to work and the every day. Food, sex, stress, maths, and menstruation will materialize in haphazard organic forms that twine around- and burst from- neat, orderly geometry.

Exhibition Opens: 2nd October 6:00pm-9:00pm.