June 2017

IMMI is an exhibition of imaginary culture. A month long show comprised of; two musical and theatrical performances; an anthropological exhibition; a short film; arts merchendise and curatorial essays. Using the archetypes of all of our cultures we have created a new hybrid one.

The opening performance will feature a music performance, a poetry reading, and a ceremonious creation of eddibles. With wine provided by Alpha Box & Dice.

Involving a long list of artists:

Kaspar Schmidt Mumm (Creative Director)

Dom Symes

Adrian Schmidt Mumm
Ben Sargent
Declan Casley-Smith
Dillon Mueller

Photography by:
Emmaline Zanelli

Jerome Williams

Joanna Kitto
Fineprint Magazine

Virtual Set Design:
Claire Marwick Smith

Graphic Design:
James Brown IV

Funded by Carclew Youth Arts Program.