Alex Mullen

About the artist:

So much for a quiet one, man. Here we are again, another seedy Sunday. The sunlight through my window an unwelcome caller upon my dry and bleary eyes, so excited to let me know of his arrival even my lids can’t keep him out. I hear a train screeching to a stop. Only it never stops. It just keeps screeching. It’s my head. I bury it beneath my pillow in the hope that I might fall back to sleep but with my stomachs timely reminder that we’re still on bad terms, sleep soon slips out of reach. Deep remorse washes over me as I foolishly consider my bank account. Why do I do this? I ask myself as try to piece together just what in the hell happened last night.

My work depicts a personal corruption resulting from an awareness of the hypocrisy within mainstream society and the consequent rejection of its social structures.  This rejection can often lead to emotional detachment and alienation, resulting in the formation of subcultures, which serve to counterbalance these feelings of isolation. My work takes a specific focus on Australian nightlife culture and the debauched behaviors that have become an accepted part of this particular lifestyle, as disillusioned youths develop their own ideals, values and conventions. My work is not an attempt to pass judgment upon this culture nor is it an attempt at glorification, it is perhaps just an observation or an insight into my own existence, as I attempt to understand it myself.

Alex Mullen is a founding member of Floating Goose Studios and graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2015.