Gallery Application – Exhibit in 2018

IMMI at Floating Goose

Invitation to Artists

Floating Goose Studios Inc. invites artists, curators and collectives to apply to exhibit in the gallery space. Proposals are to be submitted via the application form below.

Application Process

All applications will be assessed on the basis of artistic merit and innovative and effective use of the Floating Goose Studios gallery space.

Submitting a proposal is no guarantee of acceptance. Floating Goose Studios Inc. reserved the right not to accept applications which are incomplete or do not adequately address the information required on the application form.

Applications close Monday 18th of September 2017.

Gallery Information

Floor Plan

Measurements in millimeters.

Gallery Fees

$700 monthly.

Floating Goose Studios Inc. holds monthly exhibitions (4 consecutive weekends) with openings on the Friday of the exhibition.

If selected, artists will be required to enter into a contract and will be responsible for install, de-install and gallery sitting. The gallery’s regular opening hours are Fridays 3pm to 9pm and Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 4pm. Additional opening hours can be arranged at the request of the artist.

Floating Goose Studios Inc. takes 30% commission on all works sold in the gallery.

Promotional Material

Gallery fees cover the preparation of promotional material. Exhibitions will be promoted by Floating Goose Studios Inc. via its website, facebook, instagram, and email.


Gallery fees also cover liqueur licensing and refreshments for exhibition opening nights.

Application form

Project Details

Tells us a little about your project.

Supporting files

5mb upload limit per file - please remove all spaces from file names.

Images of work.

Upload 5-10 images of your work (one per artist if there is more than one applicant).

The form may take a little while to submit, especially if there are a few files to upload. You'll be redirected to a thank you page and recieve a confirmation email if submission is successful. If you are having problems submitting your application please send us a message via our contact page.